Coaching: Set goals, get results

Not where you want to be in life? Stuck? No huge, past trauma to deal with? Coaching might be helpful.

Look forward

Coaching is different from therapy. Coaching doesn’t attempt to resolve past problems. We work with what you have. We set goals and create a new way forward.

How does coaching work?

Unlike therapy, coaching is time limited. We agree to work together for a certain period of time towards a certain goal. Benchmarks, metrics and accountability standards are created by both of us. After each period of time we’ve decided to work together, we reassess whether the relationship is productive. If so, we enter into a new agreement. How we get there is up to what we decide on. We can be very creative with our coaching relationship.

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Your role in the coaching relationship

As a client, how you approach the coaching relationship has a huge impact on whether it will be successful or not. You need to be committed to your own personal growth. You need to commit to the process. Together, we strive to be as honest and self aware as possible.

Freedom and creativity

Life coaches have more options and greater freedom with how they work with clients. Appointments do not have to be weekly, or an hour long. Big job interview or presentation coming up? Schedule a support call with me for the day of. Need a quick sounding board for a big decision? I can provide you with phone support no matter where you are.

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Maximize your potential

Do you find yourself getting distracted? Are you falling behind on… everything. Are your goals and your life just slipping away? Starting things but struggling to finish? Or worse, do you find yourself struggling to start at all? You have so much unrealized potential. Life is a process of creation. When you’re stuck, you’re in the groan zone or the dip. Your success depends on doing the tough emotional work to get through these necessary drops. As an artist, I’ve been there countless times. I know lots of great ways of getting through these tough places. letting goals and life slip through your fingers

As your life coach I’ll help you

  • Save time by keeping you focused on your goals
  • Preserve relationships by providing you an outlet to vent
  • Get clear on priorities by tapping into your core values
  • Build on your existing strengths and accomplishments
  • Save you money by helping you keep your priorities in life balanced
  • Develop behaviours that keep you accountable to yourself
  • Support you as you overcome obstacles
  • Keep you motivated when projects grind to almost a standstill
  • Have the courage to take risks to truly be yourself
  • Have the courage to take risks to pursue the goals you really want
  • Become aware of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck

Are you ready to get started?

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Typical packages are $500 per month for two sessions per month.

I am currently not accepting new coaching clients

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