A Bit About Jim…

Since 1995 Jim has facilitated workshops across Canada, acting as a sounding board for the hopes and concerns of the nation. As a psychotherapist, facilitator, speaker and coach Jim has helped thousands of people imagine new possibilities and enact real change in their lives. After working with Jim, clients know how to experience change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Colleagues know Jim as a highly creative, responsive, grounded leader. They count on Jim to bring both levity and sensitivity to the most delicate of situations. Clients know that Jim trusts in their creative process – even when they don’t. Jim is so fascinated by our shared human experience that he sometimes picks up on the small, obvious things that people miss. Clients are frequently shocked by the big impact these ‘small’ things can have on their lives.

Jim has a B.A. from Dalhousie University, a one year certificate from the Dell Arte International School for Physical Theatre and a three year certificate in Gestalt methodologies and practices and leadership from the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. In addition to this Jim has extensive studies and apprenticeships with global leaders in clowning.

“I’m trained in the art of clowning. Always in the here and now, accepting reality, and stating the obvious, sometimes uncomfortable truth, clowns are agents of change. They act with joy, sensitivity and above all else, love. Becoming a clown was a profound process of personal growth. I discovered how to embrace my flaws and laugh at all aspects of myself. I learned not only to celebrate failure, but to make it a transformative experience, an art.

I am also a surfer. Surfing is cerebral and intuitive. The ocean needs to be approached with curiosity and respect. What’s happening on the surface provides knowledge about what’s happening below. By paying attention I can position myself to avoid critically dangerous situations, make difficult jobs easier and be ready for when the perfect wave comes to take off on. Then it’s time to trust my gut and go.

Creating lasting change can look like crossing the ocean in a teacup – vast and overwhelming. As both a therapist and surfer, I know the ocean and that positioning is everything. After working with me, you’ll learn how surface ripples can indicate what’s happening on a deeper level. With this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the rough seas of life. Life is like surfing, everyone wipes out every now and then. I’ll be there to help you get ready to catch the next wave.

I’m happiest when I have no idea what I’m doing. Over the years I’ve failed early and often. From this I’ve learned to trust in the creative process and flow from one thing to the next. As a child I was moved by the painter Bob Ross:  “There are no mistakes here, just happy accidents.” The only ‘mistake’ is missing the opportunity to take a chance. Each moment is an opportunity to create something new.

Jim has led workshops across Canada since 1995.  He has also created interactive educational experiences for:

  • The Nulogy Corporation
  • Recycling Council of Ontario
  • Toronto District School Board
  • The Toronto Catholic School Board
  • Peele Regional School Board
  • York Regional School Board
  • Simco County Regional School Board
  • The Nova Scotia Resource Recovery Fund Board
  • The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
  • The Nova Forest Alliance
  • Fundy Model Forest
  • Halifax Regional Water Commission
  • The National Forest Service

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